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Moreton Bay Region set to become home to Queensland’s first Sports Museum

The Queensland Sports Museum which will house rare sports memorabilia, historic Lang Park film footage and cutting edge displays in honour of all Queensland sports people, from juniors through to sporting legends, is currently under-construction in the Moreton Bay Region with the backing of Moreton Bay Regional Council.

The region has a long history of fostering the talents of Queensland sporting greats. Tennis champion John Frawley was born in Redcliffe and Rugby League legends such as Arthur Beetson, Brent Tate and Petero Civoniceva all began their careers from Redcliffe’s Dolphin Oval, to name just a few sporting heroes hailing from the area. With the region’s stellar track record of producing incredible sporting talents it is only fitting it play host to the state’s first, hi-tech sports memorabilia museum.

What makes the Queensland Sports Museum so unique?

This state-of-the-art sports memorabilia museum will feature various sections dedicated to different sports and Queensland sporting clubs. However, this is where the traditional museum set-up stops. This soon to be major tourist attraction will use video and interactive, cutting edge technology to bring the displays to life, engaging visitors in an exciting journey through the region’s sporting history.

The Queensland Sports Museum’s modern, state-of-the-art approach takes its inspiration from the hi-tech Don Bradman Museum in NSW. Once construction is finished and the doors open visitors will experience something quite different…

This Moreton Bay Region sports memorabilia museum will feature innovative touchscreen displays, a theatrette, a plethora of video screens playing priceless footage harking back to the beginning of Lang Park and many more advanced installations designed to encourage interactivity and up the ante for visitors. Further down the track, this online virtual museum will be complemented by an brick and mortar institution.

Once complete, the museum’s unique approach and fresh interactive twist utilising leading edge technology will set it up to become a major tourist drawcard for the Moreton Bay Region. This tourist beacon will attract an influx of visitors to the area sure to give the local economy a massive boost benefiting all local businesses.

Queensland Sports Museum Ambassadors

Turning this project from concept into reality is no small feat and many people behind the scenes are working tirelessly to bring this unique sports museum into being.

The museum has the support of some high profile ambassadors including Australian sporting legends such as tennis superstar John Frawley, golfing powerhouse Corinne Dibnah, rugby captain all-star Petero Civoniceva, baseball big-hitter David Nilsson, Olympic coaching heavyweight Ken Wood and many more top-tier Queensland sporting greats.

This unique venture also has the support and backing of 35 sporting bodies and close to 101 companies and Moreton Bay Region businesses, as well as government organisations including the Moreton Bay Regional Council. Influential government figures including the Hon Yvette D’Ath, Attorrney-General and Minister for Justice and Minister for Training and Skills have also thrown their weight behind this enterprise.

Volunteers and Donations Needed

You too can join the ranks and get behind this unique Moreton Bay Region institution via donating, or volunteering your time.

If the museum is to get up and running sooner rather than later, it needs the help and backing of sporting enthusiasts, sporting heroes and most importantly every day, sport loving Queenslanders.

Queenslanders are invited to play a key role in establishing what will become the Sunshine State’s premier, one and only interactive sports memorabilia museum and virtual online museum.

Under construction on land leased from the Moreton Bay Regional Council for the next 75 years, the Queensland Sports Museum is asking for avid sporting fans and players of all ages and all competencies to lend a hand in bringing this premier Moreton Bay Region tourist attraction to fruition.

Whether you simply wish to help out manning a BBQ fundraiser, or can do some cataloguing work, any and all help is welcomed and appreciated.

Make this modern Queensland Sports Museum a reality by stepping up to the plate and pitching in (pun intended) through volunteering your time, donating money, or contributing your sports memorabilia.

Most Wanted Skilled Volunteers

Most sought after volunteers are people who have experience in museum management and/or curating, as well as educators who would be keen to travel throughout Queensland spreading the word of the museum’s existence by visiting various schools and education institutions.

To enquire how you can help send an email to info@qldsportsmuseum.com.au, or call Sub Committee Chairman Denis Brennan on 0458 886 088.

Alternatively, you can donate by scrolling to the bottom of the Queensland Sports Museum homepage and filling out the online donation form.

Don’t forget to check out the Queensland Sports Museum Facebook page to keep up with the latest museum developments.

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